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DRIVEN SHOOTS AND EUROPEAN STYLE HUNTS: The Gunnery is where we host our European Shoots while Driven Shoots are held at the Home Farm. Our European course is named "BG's Blast" which consists of 10 pegs (shooting stations) each suited for two gunners. These pegs are laid out in a circle approximately 70 yards apart. At the center we have a release point from which the pheasants will be released one at a time. (picture a wooden wagon wheel with the bird release from the hub and the gunners situated around the wheel spokes) Our years of experience here at Peaceable Hill ensures that you will enjoy a safe and professionally managed hunt, full of outstanding shooting and plenty of fast flying pheasants.

Pheasant Ahead!

At the end of each bird release hunters will rotate to the next shooting peg. This keeps things interesting, and assures that every gunner will have the opportunity to shoot from each peg. Handlers with trained gun dogs will be on hand to retrieve downed birds.

What we particularily like about BG's Blast is that the cover and topography of the site is outstanding, helping make each peg unique. Hunters will have fast action pass-shooting opportunities on over-head, high flying birds.

Driven Shoots are custom tailored to each group. These events will begin with a wonderful continental breakfast served at 8:00 AM followed by a 50 clay bird warm up period for each gunner. Shooting ty[ically begins at 10 AM and after the hunt a meal will be ready for your dining and relaxation pleasure.

The cost includes a continental breakfast, the clay bird warm up period and a luncheon following the hunt. The shooting will be fast and furious, and hunters should expect to shoot 4-5 boxes of shells, and come prepared with as many excuses! We can accommodate from 10 to 20 guns in each shoot. Harvested birds will be divided equally among all hunters in full feather. Afternoon field hunts are included in the cost of the event. Your well mannered dog is welcome to hunt with you, however if you need a handler with dog please consider offering a gratuity for their time and service. We also offer these hunts on a request basis for groups and corporations.

Pheasant Ahead!

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