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Ringneck pheasant eggs and day old chicks

*** The hatchery is now closed for the 2013 season. Please call to discuss your needs for 2014 so we can plan ahead for you. ***

Glenn & Judy Symon
Peaceable Hill Pheasant Chicks Farm
200 Burgess Road
Shoreham, VT 05770-9555
Phone: 802-897-5914
5:00 AM to 8:00 PM EST

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Peaceable Hill's Pheasant Chicks Farm is located in Vermontís Champlain Valley. This climate is conducive to raising well feathered, and hearty flight birds. We pride ourselves in being Vermontís largest pheasant hatchery and egg farm. Peaceable Hill raises two strains of classic ringneck pheasants. Both are beautiful birds which are wild, winter hardy and well feathered. Our K-Flyers are strong and explosive off the ground. They are a small bird with long tail feathers and they are incredibly fast. Our Mongolian strain is a large bird, they grow quickly, are strong flyers and offer excellent tablefare. Whether your needs are pheasant eggs, day old chicks, started, or mature Pheasants, Peaceable Hill Pheasant Chicks Farm is committed to working with you or your club in planning, scheduling and supplying these needs.

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The short answer is our attention to raising quality Ringneck's and our service to you before, during and after the sale. In this industry, folks who raise pheasants and provide eggs and chicks feel very strongly that their own pheasants have the greatest qualities including chick vigor, heartiness and wildness. We feel that way too. Peaceable Hill is by industry standards a medium size producer. My wife Judy and I are involved with every aspect of our Farm. Judy handles collection and egg management while I oversee the hatchery and the grow out farm. The quality of our eggs, chicks and mature birds is second to none and our service is available to you everyday, year-round. Pheasant Chicks

Perhaps most important to you is that we are also the people who answer the phone and we are available to help you successfully hatch and raise your game birds. Our ringneck pheasants are great healthy birds which will perform to your expectations. However, we expect that from time to time you may need help and we are available by phone or e-mail for support or just to answer questions. This is especially true for first time growers, and our service after the sale is often the reason we have so many return customers each year. In addition, please be sure to click on the link below for some great information on successful pheasant hatching and raising tips. We look at this as a partnership and we want you to return to us year after year.

We encourage you to call with questions on planning and setup,†raising your chicks or with any other aspect of this relationship. Raising pheasant chicks can be†a highly rewarding experience both in terms of personal satisfaction and profit on investment. We hope you will give us a try and let us help you fulfill your goals. In return, we feel you will find a successful, long running relationship with us supplying your pheasant needs. All orders regardless of size are always appreciated.

Peaceable Hill will support your efforts to hatch pheasant eggs and raise healthy chicks. From the time your order is placed until the time your birds reach maturity, we are available to answer questions and make recommendations. Our many years of experience will help you be successful in raising beautiful, fast and strong pheasants. We have prepared an information page which we feel will greatly assist your efforts in raising healthy birds. Please click on the link provided below to read this information.

**How to Hatch Pheasant Eggs and Raise Healthy Pheasants by Peaceable Hill**

We guarantee live delivery of our game bird chicks. We guarantee that your birds will arrive in good shape and we guarantee to replace chicks that arrive dead in excess of 4% of the total order. Of course, once you receive delivery of the chicks we can no longer accept responsibility for their continued well being. We believe that with our advice and good animal husbandry skills, you will find raising pheasant chicks or hatching eggs to be a rewarding experience.

Our state of the art pheasant egg hatchery and rearing facility was designed and built exclusively for raising flight game birds. We have over 12 acres of flight pens, and our breeding stock is selected for correct color, size and most importantly, their flight characteristics. Our pheasant chicks are produced under guidelines set forth by the National Poultry Improvement Plan. We have been a participating producer since the beginning. In addition to these high standards for cleanliness, we voluntarily test our birds for Aviarian Influenza every 90 days to meet NPIP Aviarian Influenza Classification.


Minimum Order: 25
30: $1.00
60: $0.95
90-179: $0.86
180-359: $0.76
360-1079: $0.68
1080-2159: $0.64
2160+: $0.60
Eggs are available starting in March and through July or until sold out.

(straight run 50% male, 50% female)
25-49: $1.95
50+: $1.75
100+: $1.40
300+: $1.20
1000+: $1.12
3000+: $0.99
Day Old Chicks are available May 6 through July 1 or until sold out.
We guarantee 100% live delivery. We include 4% extra chicks with your order.
** Sexed cocks (85%) are $0.70 additional per chick **

(call for quote)

* Live Delivery Guaranted *
* We will replace chicks that arrive dead in excess of 4%
* 20% deposit is required at time of order.
* On shipped orders the balance is due 4 weeks prior to hatch date.
* Cancelled orders, 4 weeks prior to hatch date, will receive a full refund.
* Please note: While we attempt to maintain this web site and keep all prices current they are subject to change.

All prices are F.O.B. Shoreham, Vermont. Vehicle delivery charges are $.65 per mile, round trip if we use our flat bed truck. The charge is .85 per mile for our truck and trailer. Eggs and Chicks are shipped in specially designed transport cartons, via priority or express mail. Detailed information on shipping, charges and handling will be provided from Peaceable Hill with confirmation of your order.

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