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Update: November 2018:

The Preserve is open for the 2018 season and we are extremely excited as we have completed many projects this year. The one which Judy is most excited about is the new Warming Hut pictured below. She should no longer have to thaw writing pens out before you sign in or thaw dog water out over the stove. I suspect the heated bathroom will also be a hit!

2018 Warming Hut

Me personally, I am extremely pleased at how well the new cover has come in and at the diversity of cover in all areas. We experienced a cold and wet April with soil temperatures remaining cold through May. Applying past experiences with help from our seed supplier, we made the right choices and the result will be obvious to you as soon as you set afield. Simply fabulous cover which will remain through the winter.

Hunting over a fine dog for pheasants in fields of switchgrass, waist high sorghum, corn and native cover is an experience only those who have can truly appreciate. For others these are conditions memories will be made from. Whether you hunt in the crispness and splendid color of fall or in the pristine beauty of fresh snow Peaceable Hill will be there for you.

*** We hunt each day throughout the season with two daily hunts. Our morning hunts are from 8:30 to 11:30 AM and the afternoon hunts are 1:00 to 4:00 PM. Please plan to arrive at the home farm 1/2 hour prior to your start time. (8 AM or 12:30 PM) We respectively ask that you do not arrive early as that may cause conflicts with earlier hunts or farm operations. Cancellations must be made at least 48 hours prior to your hunt date. Thank you for your attention to this schedule!**

We welcome you; your family and friends to what we are convinced will be grand hunting season.

Judy & Glenn

***Peaceable Hill Pheasant Hunting Preserve is a “Regulated Shooting Ground” located in the beautiful Champlain Valley of Vermont. The Valley is typical New England habitat rich with active dairies, apple orchards, diversified farms and conservation managed buffers. At Peaceable Hill we have hundreds of acres of outstanding pheasant and upland bird habitat that consists of open cropland with corn, milo and grain fields bordered by swale grass ditches and cool season grasses with thicket edges. We also are fortunate to have many acres of "traditional" Vermont game bird habitat. We manage our cover crops so that excellent pheasant hunting is available year-round.

**Upland Hunting Rates and Information

Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Peaceable Hill pheasant hunts Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont Peaceable Hill Pheasant Preserve Vermont

Peaceable Hill is managed exclusively for prime bird habitat and bird contact is what we are all about. Whether you are training a young pup or challenging an experienced brace, the combination of cover, bird contact and the surrounding beauty will satisfy all your senses. Loud cackling Ringnecks, strong and flashy, blasting off from under the nose of a tight Pointer, or a birdie Flusher bumping a skittish hen, is the experience you will not easily forget!

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Our goal is to provide you with an outstanding experience and we have the desire and ability to customize a hunt to your needs. We have spectacular fields and open cropland habitat which allows excellent visual reference for training a young pup, as well as secluded areas where distractions are minimal. We plant fields of grain sorghum (Milo), corn, perennial switch grass and reed canary grass. Crops and planting arrangements are planned in order to establish nesting cover, feed plots and challenging cover. Our natural and planted covers make for outstanding hunting the in the fall and hold up very well through the winter. We have fantastic hunting right into the month of May. Vermont bird hunting

You are welcome to hunt with your dogs, or we can arrange a professionally handled hunt with experienced guides working over trained pointers or flushing dogs.

Rooster flush
For those of you visiting Vermont who would like to hunt with us, single day hunting licenses are available for $5.00. To obtain a one day Vermont license, you must have a current hunting license from any state or you have had a previous hunting license. You also can get a license if you have completed a certified Hunter Safety course.

Whether you are a single hunter looking to train your new pup, or if you have a large group and need an all-day guided hunt, we can accommodate you. Please call anytime for further information, references or to book your hunt. Same day reservations are always welcome based on availability. Again, thanks for visiting our web site and please let us know if we can answer any questions for you.

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